The Walking Dead Free Downloads

The Walking Dead Free Download

The Walking Dead’s new action movie “The Walking Dead: Destinies” has been announced. A survival story set in seasons 1 to 4 of the drama version, with if-if developments possible.

Publisher GameMill Entertainment and US broadcaster AMC announced the action-adventure game The Walking Dead: Destinies ” on August 18th . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S. The release date has not yet been determined, and the only announcement is “Coming soon.”

The Walking Dead: Destinies

is a third-person action-adventure game based on the American television seriesThe Walking Dead.” Developed by Flux Games. The setting of this work corresponds to seasons 1 to 4 of the drama version, and scenes that appeared in the drama will also be recreated.

The main character of this movie is Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy. The game begins with him being left alone in a hospital surrounded by so-called zombie walkers. In this game, you can use melee weapons such as bats, as well as long-range weapons such as revolvers, shotguns, and crossbows. Ammunition can be obtained through exploration, but since resources are limited, skillful resource management is required to survive.

It seems important not only to fight head-on against enemies such as walkers, but also to make full use of stealth play. Additionally, although the details are unknown at this time, it is said that the tension in the original work will be expressed through an element called the stress system, which will determine life and death in the next battle with walkers.

In addition to Rick, more than 12 original characters appear in this work, including Shane Walsh, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon, and you can form a team with Rick as the leader. Each character’s individuality is reflected in the weapons they use; for example, Michonne’s melee weapon is a sword, and Daryl’s long-range weapon is a crossbow, a familiar combination.

There is still little information about the gameplay flow, but it is said that there will be elements such as rescuing survivors and defending the base camp from hordes of walkers. In addition, I mentioned earlier that scenes from the original will be recreated, but in this game it is up to the player to choose whether to proceed with the story as in the original, or to help the enemy, betray his friends, and weave a different story.

The Walking Dead: Destinies ” is currently in development for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S. The release date has not been determined, but it is said to be “Coming soon” so it may be released in the not too distant future.

The Walking Dead Free Downloads

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