The Walking Dead Werewolf Survival

The Walking Dead Werewolf Survival

The Walking Dead Werewolf survivalThe Walking Dead: Betrayal” announced. Cooperation and betrayal of up to 8 people, created by the developer of “Project Winter

Publisher Skybound Games announced The Walking Dead: Betrayal on July 20th . Early access distribution is scheduled to begin in 2023 for PC (Steam). According to the Steam store page description, the game is expected to support usa display.

The Walking Dead

Betrayal is a cooperative survival game for 5 to 8 players. The film is based on the popular drama series “The Walking Dead,” and is set in an apocalyptic world filled with walkers (zombies). Players work together and aim to escape from the dangerous zone in such a world. However, there is an unidentified “traitor” among the players who tries to prevent them from escaping. In order to survive, players will have to deal with not only zombies but also treacherous interference.

In order for the player to escape, he must accomplish several goals. Let’s clear the escape conditions while surviving in the apocalyptic world. By collecting resources, you can craft weapons and food that will help you survive. Furthermore, since the capacity of your inventory is limited, you will need to be selective about what you should carry with you. In addition, this game allows you to use voice chat and text chat, which allows you to communicate with close friends. Making full use of this feature and cooperating with other players will be the key to escape.

Meanwhile, the traitor aims to prevent the players from escaping. There are various methods of interference, including poisoning food and luring walker herds. Also, as shown in the game screen “TRAITOR OBJECTIVES” above, it seems that the traitor gains skills when he achieves the set goals. For example, if you complete the goal of “Craft a poisoned item,” you will be rewarded with a skill that allows you to identify poisoned players. The later the game progresses, the more skills you have, and the more powerful the traitor becomes.

However, the number of traitors is usually small compared to the number of players, so if their true identity is revealed, they may be at a disadvantage. The traitor will need to gain the trust of other players and thwart them in a way that suits the situation.

Also, even if the player dies, the game doesn’t end there. When a player dies, they become a walker and can interact with the game in several ways. It seems that it will be possible to control where the walkers go, and attack other players as walkers themselves.

This work is being produced by Other Ocean Interactive, which is based in Canada. This is a studio that has released games such as the werewolf survival game Project Winter'' in the past. At the time of writing this article, the game has achieved avery positive” status with 85% of the approximately 13,000 Steam user reviews giving it positive reviews. It seems that the survival and werewolf elements will be inherited in this work, “The Walking Dead: Betrayal”, and the know-how of the developer will probably be utilized. This work will be in closed beta test on Steam from August 10th to 13th local time. Applications to participate in the playtest are currently being accepted on the game’s Steam store page.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal” is scheduled to begin early access distribution on PC

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